For Hands: A dime size portion to the palm will glide far and absorb completely in 12 seconds. Apply more to extra dry areas and rub into skin. A smaller portion size introduces you to the silky texture of HydraMé and demonstrates that a little goes a long way! Some individuals may require more than a dime size portion depending on the size of their hands.

For Total Body: Apply liberally. Your skin will feel cool and refreshed.

*Special Note: Fine lines and wrinkles may appear less visible due to the HydraMé hydration of nutrients into the epidermal layer. Continued use may improve the feel and appearance of your skin.

HydraMé is for everyone…
HydraMé is for YOU!

Try HydraMé!

Disclaimer: HydraMé Is Not A Medicinal Product. If You Have A Serious Skin Disorder Or Severely Cracked Skin, Please Seek A Dermatologist / Medical Practitioner