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HydraMe contains 10 certified organic botanicals in a natural (plant) emollient base–a no scent added product. To make a product unscented requires deodorizers and these items are chemicals that may irritate the skin. HydraMe products do not contain synthetic deodorizers, salts or parabens. GMP Certified products!

HydraMe implements phenoxyethanol – originates from essential oil of sage. Globally approved and used in Japan. This ingredient has been synthesized to not evaporate, meaning no burning no stinging. A broad spectrum antiseptic and anti-microbial effective against all strains of bacteria, yeast and mold. Excellent consumer safety. You can find this ingredient in Derma E products as well as hundreds of other organic health products. Do not confuse with pure ethanol–which will burn and sting.

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Disclaimer: HydraMé Is Not A Medicinal Product. If You Have A Serious Skin Disorder Or Severely Cracked Skin, Please Seek A Dermatologist / Medical Practitioner