Jan C New Jersey

I just love all your products! While on vacation, my husband needed an aftershave. We always use unscented because of my being chemically/fragrance sensitive (even natural scents bother me). We couldn’t find an unscented product that also had good ingredients
at the health food store that day. But when we looked at your ingredients we could see that they were superior to all the others. The scent did not bother us in the least, it was refreshing! While we were away, I ran out of moisturizer, and used his aftershave as one.
It is GREAT! People have told me my skin looks great since.
We also have purchased the shave balm and my husband loves it! (Me too)

So next I tried the conditioner. It is also great. My hair is long and very think and gets tangles sooo bad. This not only took the tangles out, but it darkened my hair so you don’t see the grays and I love the smell! It is so faint and fades away, but to smell something that is refreshing and for the first time in YEARS it doesn’t make me sick! The shampoo is also wonderful!

I now use the moisturizer and love it. I have a large pump on my sink and the small one
in my purse. Every one who tries it LOVES it. Its not greasy. It doesn’t have a long lingering odor that sickens people and all the chemically/fragrance sensitive people I know had
ordered it.

I have also tried the Tipz for my cuticles and Love that too!

Each product I have given to a friend or they have bought and love it. I can’t tell you
enough how much we all appreciate a well made product.

Jan C New Jersey

Read what Jamie from Kriegers Health Foods–Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio has to say about the HydraMe line of products!

Dear Folks at HydraMe,
On behalf of the employee’s at Krieger’s Health Food Market, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude for the HydraMe line! It has quickly become a fan favorite with our stock workers, deli crew and cashiers. The stock workers and cashiers love it because of how it heals the papers cuts and damage from cardboard drying out the hands. The neutral scent is great for the deli workers, as it doesn’t transfer to the food that is being served. We especially love how moisturizing it is compared to the other lines on the market.
As for me, it is the only product I will use on my face. The products I have used in the past just seemed to sit on the surface of my skin, and left my face feeling oily all day. However, HydraMe nourishes my skin and actually goes beneath the top layer and keeps my face feeling moisturized all day. Compared to all the others, HydraMe is the BEST!!!

Jamie Fast
Natural Food, Supplement and HABA buyer and manager

Testimonial From Ron in Georgia HydraMen Shaving Products

I had the opportunity to try the men’s shaving products and they are fantastic! I’ve used all the natural shave products from Nature’s Gate, Kiss My Face, Earth Science and Aubrey Organics and none of them were as effective as the HydraMen products. The shave gel is easy to use, does not clog the razor, has a nice lubricating effect so the razor moves smoothly on the skin and I did not cut myself because I did not have to press the razor hard on the skin to shave the whiskers. The Aftershave balm soothed the skin and I did not have any itching or burning afterwards, especially on my neck.

Ron in Georgia

Matthew Mackey

Dear Marjorie,

HydraMé!!! The Skin Nutrition of the Godz. Jackson Hole, Wyoming is unforgiving with its harsh climate and while living there my skin was like a snake’s skin ready to shed. HydraMé Skin Nutrition provided instantaneous relief from the harshest of weather conditions. Marjorie Cole has done a superb job in formulating this cutting-edge product for keeping skin youthful and nourished. My fingertips were split on the edges from pulling weeds and landscaping in Jackson. I received as a complimentary gift HydraMé Tipz which when used with the HydraMé Skin Nutrition is nothing short of a miracle. If I provided pictures one would thing they were photoshopped. My word and amazement is what I have to share. Also, Hydrame Body Wash, which I use as a shampoo is fabulous. No more sodium lauryl sulfates and the like now that I’ve found the shampoo I will continue to use joyfully and thankfully. HydraMé products are unsurpassed in their efficacy and ingredients. I want to extend my deepest, most heart-felt thanks to Marjorie and all at HydraMé for their attention to creating a product line that is in the upper eschelon of skin and body care.

Matthew Mackey

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Cynthia B. – Cobden, IL


Thanks so much for the sample of HydraMé to try. I love it’s natural scent. I’m sensitive to many of the lotion smells, so HydraMé is a blessing in that respect. I have suffered from terribly dry skin this winter, and I’m excited that I’ve discovered your product. I will contact the nearby health food store to ask them to consider carrying HydraMé products.

Cynthia B. – Cobden, IL

Jim Smith, D.O.

“My name is Jim Smith D.O.. I wanted to just let you know that I absolutely love the HydraMé lotion & am now recommending it to all of my patients. It is one of the only lotions that I have found to contain ingredients that provide amazing hydration without the use of harsh chemicals that most cosmetics have in them. It is also safe for my staff and I to use as we are interacting with patients on a routine basis and it does not contain any nasty perfumes or scented ingredients that would irritate or negatively affect some individuals. It’s now a premier item in my practice. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help support HydraMé in our area. Thank you very much for creating such a wonderful product!”

Jim Smith, D.O.
Dr. Jim’s Options Supplements & More

Ruth Swearingen, Homer Alaska

I have finally found a cream that is good for your skin. I live in Alaska and the winters are long, cold and dry. I have problems with dry skin even though I drink a lot of water. This cream goes on smooth and is NOT greasy, and has no perfumes. Thank you for making this product, also I am looking forward to HydraMe 2 for extra dry skin. Keep making this product please! A grateful customer Ruth Swearingen From Homer Alaska.

Ruth Swearingen
Homer Alaska

Kathy Soini, President South Shore Tanning Salon

“We are very impressed with your product, and our customers are coming back to buy additional bottles for their friends. Thank you for allowing us to retail this great lotion!”

Kathy Soini, President
South Shore Tanning Salon

Stephen Merk Steffen’s Hair Care

“I have been waiting 50 years for a lotion that saves my red chapped hands and doesn’t transfer to my clients hair. Thanks to the quick and total absorption of HydraMé, it can be used after every shampoo and before chemical treatments without losing any control. No problem for dry cuts either. Terrific!

Stephen Merk
Steffen’s Hair Care

David Vitantonio, Proprietor Vitality Health Food, Inc

“I am very happy that I put the HydraMé display along with the tester you supplied have made HydraMé one of the fastest selling items I have ever sold… HydraMé will be one of the hottest lotion products we will sell in our 16 years of business!

David Vitantonio
Proprietor Vitality Health Food, Inc

Scissorhands Salon Marilyn Merk, Cosmetologist

“As a licensed and active cosmetologist for over 42 years, I can verify that HydraMé works! The product absorbs immediately into the skin and there is no rub-off onto clothing. Finally there is a high quality lotion at a very affordable price! Congratulations to the HydraMé company for formulating such a wonderful product!”

Marilyn Merk, Cosmetologist
Scissorhands Salon

HydraMé is for everyone…
HydraMé is for YOU!

Disclaimer: HydraMé Is Not A Medicinal Product. If You Have A Serious Skin Disorder Or Severely Cracked Skin, Please Seek A Dermatologist / Medical Practitioner