About Our Nutrients

The Richest Skin Care Formula For Men & Women Is Now A Super, Anti-Aging Product!

HydraMé Skin Nutrition 2oz and 8oz now features Sovereign Silver Hydrosol!
This is a 10ppm silver technology that is superior, completely safe, free of salts, proteins and impurities.
Absorbs quickly into the skin cells and provides 34x greater silver purity allowing for greater surface area absorption.
Stimulating healthy, regenerative skin.
May provide broad spectrum relief from topical pain, skin inflammation, itching and sunburn.

The benefits of use may include Increased softer, smoother skin.
Boosted anti-oxidant effect may slow down skin degeneration.
Can be a useful sidekick for burns, bug bites, itchy skin and for after tanning.

All HydraMé Products are Grander Treated!
Grander technology is used world-wide.
Grander is water revitalisation technology from Austria whose amazing “energizing” process tightens the molecular structure and promotes increased tissue penetration.
This same process also helps to reduce the formation of microbes and bacterium.

Grapeseed – effective for all skin types, especially those with sensitivity.

Rosehip Seed – rich in Vitamin C, fights against dry skin, weathered skin and dehydrated skin.

Wheat Germ – exceptional for treating dry, rough, aging skin. Rich in vitamins A, E, D & lecithin.

Golden Jojoba – aids skin conditions and has fabulous absorption properties.

Hempseed – a good emollient; helps to heal skin lesions and dry skin. Absorbs well into the skin.

Olive – a universal oil having a great conditioning effect due to it’s stability.

Sweet Almond – great for all skin types, very emollient; has the ability to soften.

Safflower – deeply moisturizing and soothing. One of the first choices for skin care.

Coconut – Skin rejuvenator containing powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agents.
Applied topically coconut oil may improve psoriasis, eczema and other fungal infections

Aloe Vera – used for centuries, vital plant juices are nutritive and moisturizing!

HydraMé is for everyone…
HydraMé is for YOU!

Disclaimer: HydraMé Is Not A Medicinal Product. If You Have A Serious Skin Disorder Or Severely Cracked Skin, Please Seek A Dermatologist / Medical Practitioner

Preservative System-Globally Accepted Phenoxyethanol