8oz. HydraMé Skin Nutrition

USD 20.99

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8oz. HydraMé Skin Nutrition  / The 2oz Travel Size must be purchased separately effective 05/20/2023

A favorite of many since 2007, HydraMé is the only skin care 
product that will Nourish, Hydrate and Moisturize.
This item is based with coconut oil and 9 other botanicals. 
HydraMé uses "GRANDER" technology during the manufacturing process.
"GRANDER" technology enhances and energizes the molecular structure. 

The promotion of the 2oz Travel Size being sold in combination with the 8oz Skin Nutrition has expired.
Thank you for your participation in this promotion.

1 review for 8oz. HydraMé Skin Nutrition

  1. Wendy Meyerson – Owner Natur-Tyme Syracuse NY

    Natur-Tyme, an Independent Health Food store in Syracuse, NY, has been serving the Central New York Community for over 37 years. We have been stocking HydraMe products for well over a decade. Our customers have enjoyed the many benefits of HydraMe Skin Lotion for years but especially during the current pandemic as the new normal is now one of constant hand sanitizing and hand washing!

    For me personally, the HydraMe lotion is part of my daily routine. It absorbs quickly, and keeps my skin soft and moisturized! An essential product for me which is even in my travel bag. I don’t leave home without it! I even keep a bottle on my desk!

    I strongly recommend HydraMe!

    Wendy Meyerson

    Owner of Natur-Tyme and lover of HydraMy products!

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