Matthew Mackey

Dear Marjorie,

HydraMé!!! The Skin Nutrition of the Godz. Jackson Hole, Wyoming is unforgiving with its harsh climate and while living there my skin was like a snake’s skin ready to shed. HydraMé Skin Nutrition provided instantaneous relief from the harshest of weather conditions. Marjorie Cole has done a superb job in formulating this cutting-edge product for keeping skin youthful and nourished. My fingertips were split on the edges from pulling weeds and landscaping in Jackson. I received as a complimentary gift HydraMé Tipz which when used with the HydraMé Skin Nutrition is nothing short of a miracle. If I provided pictures one would thing they were photoshopped. My word and amazement is what I have to share. Also, Hydrame Body Wash, which I use as a shampoo is fabulous. No more sodium lauryl sulfates and the like now that I’ve found the shampoo I will continue to use joyfully and thankfully. HydraMé products are unsurpassed in their efficacy and ingredients. I want to extend my deepest, most heart-felt thanks to Marjorie and all at HydraMé for their attention to creating a product line that is in the upper eschelon of skin and body care.