Jan C New Jersey

I just love all your products! While on vacation, my husband needed an aftershave. We always use unscented because of my being chemically/fragrance sensitive (even natural scents bother me). We couldn’t find an unscented product that also had good ingredients
at the health food store that day. But when we looked at your ingredients we could see that they were superior to all the others. The scent did not bother us in the least, it was refreshing! While we were away, I ran out of moisturizer, and used his aftershave as one.
It is GREAT! People have told me my skin looks great since.
We also have purchased the shave balm and my husband loves it! (Me too)

So next I tried the conditioner. It is also great. My hair is long and very think and gets tangles sooo bad. This not only took the tangles out, but it darkened my hair so you don’t see the grays and I love the smell! It is so faint and fades away, but to smell something that is refreshing and for the first time in YEARS it doesn’t make me sick! The shampoo is also wonderful!

I now use the moisturizer and love it. I have a large pump on my sink and the small one
in my purse. Every one who tries it LOVES it. Its not greasy. It doesn’t have a long lingering odor that sickens people and all the chemically/fragrance sensitive people I know had
ordered it.

I have also tried the Tipz for my cuticles and Love that too!

Each product I have given to a friend or they have bought and love it. I can’t tell you
enough how much we all appreciate a well made product.