Read what Jamie from Kriegers Health Foods–Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio has to say about the HydraMe line of products!

Dear Folks at HydraMe,
On behalf of the employee’s at Krieger’s Health Food Market, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude for the HydraMe line! It has quickly become a fan favorite with our stock workers, deli crew and cashiers. The stock workers and cashiers love it because of how it heals the papers cuts and damage from cardboard drying out the hands. The neutral scent is great for the deli workers, as it doesn’t transfer to the food that is being served. We especially love how moisturizing it is compared to the other lines on the market.
As for me, it is the only product I will use on my face. The products I have used in the past just seemed to sit on the surface of my skin, and left my face feeling oily all day. However, HydraMe nourishes my skin and actually goes beneath the top layer and keeps my face feeling moisturized all day. Compared to all the others, HydraMe is the BEST!!!